22 August 2013

Match Analysis: Liverpool new promises

  On the start of the Premiership at the last weekend one of the top clubs, may be already an ex-giant, gave some new promises to their fans all over the world. We are talking about Liverpool, the most successful club in England. After the dramatic start of the transfer window, with the saga of Luis Suarez, the early transfers and the good performance in the pre-season friendlies, the Reds once again gave a request for a good season. All of their fans started dreaming that the Anfield team will fight for top 4 until the end of the season. The start of Premierleague came and Liverpool played with Stoke in the opening game of the season at Anfield. What new promises did the Reds gave?

20 August 2013

Match Analysis

  With the new season already started we decided to introduce one new rubric. We had the idea since the very beginning, but now after we establish some efforts and results, we decided that the time is right for starting it. The rubric is called Match Analysis. In it we will produce deep analysis of a chosen game and we will try to give you a creative and complete analysis of different aspects of the tactical approaches, game play, important players and other interesting part of the match.

16 August 2013

Football Positions: Central Defender


  Central defender, also known as center half, stopper or center back, is the player who operates in the center of the team’s defense line. This player is the main part of the defense line and has different responsibilities in the play. All of the old and modern tactics contain such a position.

1 August 2013

Analyze Football on Google+

Hello football fans,

The team of Analyze football is glad to announce that we are now part of the Google+ community. We have created our page and now all of our readers can follow us. We hope that this will help us grow and will help our readers to communicate each other.

If you think that we are presenting interesting and good content you can follow us.