22 August 2013

Match Analysis: Liverpool new promises

  On the start of the Premiership at the last weekend one of the top clubs, may be already an ex-giant, gave some new promises to their fans all over the world. We are talking about Liverpool, the most successful club in England. After the dramatic start of the transfer window, with the saga of Luis Suarez, the early transfers and the good performance in the pre-season friendlies, the Reds once again gave a request for a good season. All of their fans started dreaming that the Anfield team will fight for top 4 until the end of the season. The start of Premierleague came and Liverpool played with Stoke in the opening game of the season at Anfield. What new promises did the Reds gave?


Mignolet, Johnson, Toure, Agger, Jose Enrique, Lucas, Gerrard, Henderson, Aspas(72' Sterling), Coutinho, Sturridge

Stoke City:
Begovic, Cameron, Pieters, Huth, Showcross, Wilson, Nzonzi, Whelan(63' Adam), Walters, Etherington(63' Pennant), Crouch (81' Jones)


Liverpool 1 - 0 Stoke City
37' Sturridge


Liverpool's amazing attack play

  Liverpool presented an amazing attacking football. The Reds dominated through the whole game, but they have managed to score only one goal. The stats are showing the Liverpool's dominance

ShotsOn targetCornersFoulsPossesion

  The front four including Sturridge, Aspas, Coutinho and Henderson manged to outplay the Stoke defense by using a lot of tactical approaches. Coutinho was the director of the attacks, Henderson managed to make a lot moves from second position and had two amazing opportunities for goal, while Aspas and Sturridge have the freedom to operate on the whole attack, they've changed their place throughout the whole minutes on the filed. One impressive thing, which even a blind-man will notice, was the most used attacking approach at the first half. The ball was given to Coutinho, he makes a good turn with the ball and search for a pass between the defenders, so Aspas and Sturridge were searching for such pass every time and Liverpool managed to implement this a lot of times. May be the more tactical intelligent teams will manage to predict and to defend better, but until now this is one of the interesting promises for the new season. Liverpool's attack was more than promising and diverse. With the experience, the vision and the impressive pass of Gerrard the Reds could present us even more when they are in the middle of the season with improved form. Brendan Rodgers will develop his attacking ideas through the season and all of the fans could be surprised. There was one more thing that many of the expert did not noticed, but we think that it should be mentioned. Lucas Leiva made a lot of forward runs and distributed the ball in the opposition half, while most of the time Gerrard was between the center defenders in order to get the ball and send it forward. This approach was new and it will be interesting to see if it will happen again.

What do you think of Coutinho?

The Brazilian magician without doubt is the most interesting name of the Rodgers squad. Coutinho continues showing amazing play every time he gets out on the field with the Liverpool shirt. He was very impressive in the second part of the last season, then he was the top player in the pre-season games and finally he was the most creative Liverpool player against Stoke. Coutinho created 6 clear chances for his teammates and he leaded the list of players who created most chances for their teams. Countiho has amazing technique and great vision. According to us he is the most creative player in Premiership and if he stays fit he can drive Liverpool to the fight of top 4.

The Reds weakness

  Despite getting the three points Liverpool demonstrate some weaknesses which should be pointed by Brendan Rodgers. Only the great penalty and tap on save by Mignolet bring the joy to Anfield fans, but why Liverpool have to save the three points instead of securing them early in the game. As you spotted in the given stats, The Reds have the impressive 26 shots, but scored only once. Everyone who watched the game could tell you that Liverpool should be more raptorial in front of the goal. They have managed to create a lot of chances but the poor conversation almost cost them the three points. Another weak part of their play is the set pieces. Despite playing against one of the best using set pieces team, Liverpool showed some poor defending. There are situations when Stoke's player was without a defender near him in the penalty box, for example the situations when Mignolet have to earn the ball in air tackle against Crouch. The other problem was the handball of Agger and the tactical approach of the situation. The defense and the conversation of chances are the two must points of Liverpool's play which should be addressed, but after all it was the first game of the season. The final part that we will discuss is the right wing of the Reds formation. According to us Henderson presented good performance and was useful, but he is not the natural winger or a technically gifted player which Liverpool need. Imagine if the Anfield team have the a replica of Coutinho on the right wing, then the attacking power of the team will scare the oppositions.

Suarez effect

  Every news agency, every football fan and everyone in Liverpool were talking about Luis Suarez this summer, but after all a great move by the owner of the Reds, John Henry, change the situation and now the Uruguayan star will remain at Anfield. If we suppress the whole drama, we should evaluate the effect that the return of Suarez could have on the Liverpool play, aims and final spot. Suarez proved the last season that he is one of the best scorers in world and if he show the same form this season he will definitely be very useful to Rodgers and Liverpool. Anfield reds need a scorer and Suarez, could be this scorer. Luis will give another dimension to the offensive power of Liverpool, showed in the first game of the season. If Liverpool get a right winger then they will have five different and impressive players in their attack and two talented English wingers who can come as a substitute to give a variety. So if Real Madrid do not put the amazing 150 mln pounds on the market, because the 100 mln pounds transfer of Bale is almost finished, Suarez will stay in Liverpool and will probably give them the chance to fight for top four for the first time in the last 4 seasons.

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