20 August 2013

Match Analysis

  With the new season already started we decided to introduce one new rubric. We had the idea since the very beginning, but now after we establish some efforts and results, we decided that the time is right for starting it. The rubric is called Match Analysis. In it we will produce deep analysis of a chosen game and we will try to give you a creative and complete analysis of different aspects of the tactical approaches, game play, important players and other interesting part of the match.

  We cannot present you the structure of the new articles as the common thing between them will be only the introduction part where we will give the starting lineups, the development of the result and a video with the highlights.

  In every single match analysis article we will try to be as much creative as we can in order to present you informative and interesting content. If we can find an interesting videos or pictures from the game we will present them to you. We will try to include interesting statistics or facts in order to make our articles more informative.

  Sometimes we will analyze the performance of both teams, in other articles we will focus only on one of them, also there will be articles that give you an analysis of a player performance only.

  Another feature that we will introduce with this rubric is the possibility for our readers to chose a game to be analyzed. You can make propositions in social networks, by contacting us with the given email or by commenting here on our blog. If there are a lot of propositions we will have to put a poll here on the blog. If this is not enough our team will evaluate the proposed matches and we will chose one game.

Finally we would like once again to invite you to give us feedback. We are open for critics, advices or any new ideas.

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