19 March 2013

Football Positions

  Today we will start a new rubric called "Football Positions". I know a lot of football fans, who argue about the position of some player and often the discussion overs, because one of the participants did not know what the name of the position means (i.e. box to box midfielder). I feel that every man keen on football should know at least the positions of players, so I've decided to start a rubric with definition of all the position in the modern football.

18 March 2013

AnalyzeFootball on Facebook and Twitter


From now on AnalyzeFootball has Facebook fan page and twitter profile where you can follow our development or become one of our fans.

Our Facebook fan page - AnlyzeFootball on Facebook

Our Twitter - AnylzeFootball on Twitter

9 March 2013

Focus on: Wilfried Bony

Bio Information

Name: Wilfried Bony

Age: 24 years old (born:  10.12.1988)

Height: 1.82 m

Weight: 86 kg

Nationality: Côte d'Ivoire

5 March 2013

Focus on

  My first rubric will be called "Focus on". As the name speaks by itself, it will be series of articles about an interesting player. The articles will have useful information about the player, some already known information and rating, evaluated by original formula created by AnalyzeFootball. 

  I think that these articles will be something like a scout base and useful analysis of player’s game. Of course I will write only about the top attracting players, which I think will be top addition to the best leagues. My plans are to write about one or two articles a month. May be at the end of the football calendar (of course for top leagues in Europe) I will write an analysis on the chosen players and will evaluate overall performance rating.