19 March 2013

Football Positions

  Today we will start a new rubric called "Football Positions". I know a lot of football fans, who argue about the position of some player and often the discussion overs, because one of the participants did not know what the name of the position means (i.e. box to box midfielder). I feel that every man keen on football should know at least the positions of players, so I've decided to start a rubric with definition of all the position in the modern football.

  In these articles I will start with a definition of the position in football, then I will give the positives and the negatives of it. I will define the different styles of playing. After that I will include some tactics that contain this position and the abilities needed for a player in order to practice it. Finally I will give a list with some of the best players and some of the best talents playing in this position.

  In order to achieve a good comprehension of the articles I will try to share some useful graphics, pictures, statistics and video clips. I will give my best in order to produce understandable content and I think that at the end this rubric can be summarized in a handy book of football positions.

  I hope that if you have any suggestions, advices or critics you will share them with me, in normal language, and I will fix or include them in order to produce more and more helpful articles.

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