5 March 2013

Focus on

  My first rubric will be called "Focus on". As the name speaks by itself, it will be series of articles about an interesting player. The articles will have useful information about the player, some already known information and rating, evaluated by original formula created by AnalyzeFootball. 

  I think that these articles will be something like a scout base and useful analysis of player’s game. Of course I will write only about the top attracting players, which I think will be top addition to the best leagues. My plans are to write about one or two articles a month. May be at the end of the football calendar (of course for top leagues in Europe) I will write an analysis on the chosen players and will evaluate overall performance rating.

  As a reader I am always attracted by such articles, so I think the rubric will be well appreciated. As a writer I can admit, that I always follow the development of some players through the season, so now I will share and structure my thoughts in the articles “Focus on football".

Every article will include:

Bio information: like name, nationality and etc.
History: clubs played for and other interesting facts.
Statistics: statistic of the player’s career.
Injury status: what are the past injuries and injury prone rating.
Video clip: with player’s skills, goals and assists.
Games rating: rating from most common football games: FIFA, PES and Football Manger.

The new parameters, different from other site profiles will be:

Best ability: part of the game where the player is best.
Weakness: player's ability, which have to be improved.
Potential team playing for: potential teams, where the player can be signed and the status he will has there.
AF Rating: this will be AnalyzeFootball Rating, which will be evaluated by: injury status, contract expire date, price tag, games rating, statistic and abilities.

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