27 February 2013

What football means to me?

  As you expected the first post will be an explanation of my passion about football. I have been in love with this sport since I was 6 years old. The first touch with the football was when I was visiting my grandparents for the summer holiday and we watched the famous European championship 92' when "the red dynamite" wins the gold medals. My memory is that I can not watching the penalties in the semi-final between Denmark and Holland. On the other day I wake up, go fast downstairs and found the breakfast with a note:

"Denmark wins. Van Basten missed a penalty"

  Since then I became more and more obsessed by the game. I've trained in four clubs in my hometown, guided by 4 different coaches with different knowledge and approach. They have given me the first touches of tactic, strategy and training. Using this I have starting to develop an opinion.

  Now I am trying to progress in this, so everyday I am reading different type of football analysis, statistics, forums and news about football. I am discussing a lot of topics with my friends and colleagues. Since I am taking part in two teams in couple of leagues, I am playing football at least 3 times a week. Now you have a little bit of idea how passionate about football I am.

  In the past I had a football blog in Bulgarian about Liverpool and it was well accepted and growing. I have been invited to guest blog on the official site of the site in Bulgaria. I have been also invited to take part in a TV show about Premier league. Now I have decided to stop it in order to transfer my efforts in www.analyzefootball.blogspot.com

  I am working on this idea since three months. I think, that I am well prepared right now and that is the reason why I have decided to give a green light to my project.

  My future plans are to work on several rubrics and to make www.analyzefootball.blogspot.com one of the leading informative and analytical blogs for football in Internet. I will not discover the names of the rubrics and the future stories, but I hope that they will be well appreciated.

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