3 July 2013

Transfer analysis

  We decided to start a completely new rubric in order to offer more interesting content and new football analysis. As you may already suggested the series of articles written under the rubric called “Transfer analysis” will cover all of the interesting transfers made in the big leagues. Of course everything will be according to our opinion. We will try to select the most interesting transfers according to a group of factors. This will be needed, because a lot of transfers are made and we should distinguish somehow the most interesting ones.


Impact – this will be the prediction on the impact the player will made at his new club. The evaluation of the impact will include the number of expected appearances, goals, assists, clean sheets and the effect this stats will have on the potential place of the team in the final standing in the league.

Price – this factor will include two lines. The first will be the paid amount for the transfer of the player in his new club. The second one will be the prediction of the price movement whether an increase or a decrease.

Contract – an important things in the evaluation of the transfer will be the wage and the contract duration, because this will affect the other factors.

Status – this comes for the status of the player in the squad. It is very important if the player will be a star player, squad player, fringe player or a future investment.

  Our plans are to make around three articles in the summer transfer window and one or two in the winter one. In every article we will try to select around three to five transfers made in every one of Premiership, La liga, Legue 1, Bundesliga and Seria A. We will make a review of every one of the selected transfers and will try to produce interesting and helpful transfer analysis.

  As in every other rubric we are open for critics, suggestions, advices or proposals. We will appreciate every comment, vote or help.

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