27 June 2013

Football Positions: Full Back

  Full back, sided defender or wing back these are three different terms, but with common meaning in modern football. We will use all of them in the current article, but we accept the as basic term - full back. The real definition of the position is a defensive player who operates on one of the sides (left or right) of the field.

14 June 2013

Focus on: Review of season 2012-2013

  The season for the major football leagues is over. All of the clubs will make a review of what they have achieved and at what point they should direct for the next season. We think that it is a time for our promised review of the rubric "Focus on". We have just managed to write only two articles in the rubric, but as we have already declared in the first article of it, we will post a complete review once the season is over. So the time has come.