27 November 2013

Fantasy Premier League Prediction


Over a month we are working on our next rubric. We are more than keen on the most famous online football game - Fantasy Premier league. A game with total of 3,071,108 players. We have our own league and we are competing within our team, but we decided that together we could create a rubric to help all of our readers in progressing in Fantasy Premier league.

We have decided to start a rubric with a prediction of results and advices for transfers to be made. In order to complete it we have developed our own formula and an algorithm with which we will made the things easier and our predictions more likely. We publish an article before every round with our predictions and we will include some words for analysis of the predictions made for the latest round.

So from this week we start the rubric called: "Fantasy Premier League Prediction" in which we will give you a short table with the fixtures, rating based on our formula and advices on a transfer to be made.

If you have any suggestions, critics or advices do not hesitate to contact us. If you want additional information in the articles or have an interesting ideas in order to make them more attractive just contact us.

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