8 April 2013

Fun of the week

  I have decided to start a new rubric called "Fun of the week". May be you guessed what it will be about, but I will still give a little explanation. Every week I will post a new article containing one funny stuff connected to football. Possible content will be funny football picture, any funny football clip or unknown but funny fact.

  If you have good suggestion about new stuff you can send them to me using the contact form and I will post them as soon as possible. Also I will add your name and thank you in the article.

  Everyone of us have problems and tough days during the week, so I hope that I will bring you a smile with this rubric and will attract your attention at least once a week.

 I hope Analyze Football Fun of the week will be a success.

4 April 2013

Football Positions: Goalkeeper


  As the name speaks by itself, a goalkeeper is a player who keeps the goal. Positioned in the penalty area, the job of the football goalkeeper is to prevent the opposition players from scoring. He is the only player on the field allowed to use his hands (only in penalty area). Other main duties of the goalkeeper are to organize the defense.